In 1912 a bloke who would soon become known as The Elephant Wrestler came to Takapuna. By 1939 he had a world wrestling championship belt to his name and was also known to take on larger species of the animal kingdom. They said elephants came to fear him but locals came to love him. So let us raise a toast to your larger than life local.

Welcome to Steve Shutes Pub, The Elephant Wrestler. For those that know Steve, he truely is larger than life - just like his pub. His gregarious nature means you always feel welcome, like your second home where you can come in, relax and enjoy the company of friends.

With its cosy interior perfect for casual dining or white-washed semi-covered garden bar, there's always space for one more at the table.

So why stay home when you can come over to Steve's house - because this elephant never forgets your name.