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The Elephant Wrestler Is Takapuna's Social Kitchen

What's at the centre of every social gathering? Food. Glorious food and more times than not, a few bevvies for some social lubrication as well. But what happens when you get plate envy? Is it OK for someone else to cut your lunch? Are you full before your plate's empty? At The Elephant Wrestler, none of those are issues because we design our menu with social interaction in mind.

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There's a little something for everyone on our shared plates and platters menu and having them spread across your table (always within reach of course) makes it easy to mix and mingle with your mates instead of being stuck in a seat with all the action happening at the other end of the table.

But being social doesn't mean large groups. Sometimes it can be a catch up with a friend, a date night with your significant other or a quick bite with one of your cooler colleagues where you just want to enjoy a hand selected, grass fed, PH tested, preminum quality steak or indulge in decadent Red Velvet & Oreo Cheesecake Sandwich with Whittaker's dark chocolate sauce for dessert.

So, the next time no one can decide on where to go for your social excursion, go the The Elephant Wrestler, Takapuna's Social Kitchen.

If you want to reserve a table either inside or out in our sunny courtyard, just give us a call on 09 489 8030 or book online now.